The Poz Button 76 – Brazil/Alphaville

Borzoi and Nick Mason talk briefly about Brazil and a little about Alphaville

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Dope Movies and Shows Episode 6 – Guardians of the Galaxy / Royalty Capes / Teen Titans

Nat and Grey talk about our culture’s defining genre – capeshit.

00:00:44 – Guardians of the Box Office
00:21:29 – Thor: People
00:31:09 – Wakangda
00:39:55 – AquaMomoa
00:45:38 – Teen Thirty-Somethings


Musician: Runners Club 95
Album: Panama Papers

The Poz Button 70 – Breakfast of Champions

The Poz Button returns with a stream and an important announcement as Borzoi talks to Dogbot about the forgotten film Breakfast of Champions. Continue reading “The Poz Button 70 – Breakfast of Champions”