NotFunny Episode 20 – What Would You Do? (

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We made it to episode 20! We’re celebrating by inviting our buddy Garden and filling the show with hypothetical brain teasers about poop, Epstein, and cum. Thanks so much for coming along with us so far!

The Coconut Crew: Host Sydney, Finley, and PowderKeg

Guest: garden / @g_rdn_

02:20 – Strange Pee Pool Habits

07:30– Happy Madison Tasty Penis

13:00 – Kids’ Sweepstakes

18:00 – Donkey Kong’s Phone Number

30:00 – Poop In Somebodies House

50:00 – Myth Busters Shoot Up A School

48:20 – Pictionary Woes

52:30 – Factual Bryden Facts

57:40 – Garden is a Champion

1:02:00 – Cotton Eye Joe = MKUltra?

1:07:00 – Robin Williams Dressed As a Shark Chasing You In Cum

1:12:30 – Outro




Not Funny Episode 2 – Ben Sekiro


We are no match for Reshiram! This week we weigh in on Sekiro, bullshit at the airport, and more! We also accidentally make a return to the world of facesitting via fanfiction by an internet legend. Was Michael Jackson innocent? Is Michael Alig a fucking weirdo? Are Japanese women super tight, or do Japanese men just have huge dicks? Find out in our second episode of NotFunny.

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