Moon Rune Cartoons! Episode 6 – Gurren Lagann

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Today is a very special episode, dear listeners! A discussion of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, featuring once again a special guest – Walrus Aurelius has paid us a visit! This episode is our biggest one yet, clocking in at slightly under 3 hours long! A big thank you once again to Walrus for coming on!

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Moon Rune Cartoons! Episode 5 – Healing Anime

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MRC Episode 5 Cover Art

Hello again, everyone! Been a while, huh? We’ve had a bit of  “structural reorganizing” to do here at Moon Rune Cartoons, and so this episode got held back quite a bit. Luckily, everything’s sorted out now, so we’ll be returning to a more active posting schedule. The topic of this episode is once again an entire genre of anime – healing anime (or iyashikei, if you prefer), featuring once again, special guest Myles Poland! We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Intro: YuruCamp OST – “Let’s go camping”

Outro: 萌ジャズ Dreamer (BOSSA NOVA ver)


Moon Rune Cartoons! Episode 3 – The Isekai Genre

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We’re back again, dear listeners! On today’s episode, instead of dicussing any single show, we instead will be looking at the entire genre of Isekai as a whole. Why is it so popular? Where did it come from? Where can the genre go from here? All these questions and more are contemplated in today’s episode, featuring a very special guest – Myles Poland of The Godcast Fame.

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Moon Rune Cartoons! Episode 1 – Girls Last Tour


Hello folks! Welcome to the very first installment in what we hope to be a regular feature – Moon Rune Cartoons! -Brought to you by Jon, Korbo and JosephNotASlav. In this podcast we’ll be taking a more in depth look at various anime and doing some real big brained discussion and analysis – hopefully having fun in the process.

PSA: Fans of the weebcast need not worry, we’re not replacing them.