Little Wars Episode 14: Maid Reloaded

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In our triumphant return after the lengthy winter hiatus, Jack Karonet, Superlutheran, and Mongoose Kikimora rediscover one of the greatest games of all time, Maid RPG.  Super proves we wuz maidz, and Jack and Mongoose discover a wargaming article.

All this and more await you, in Little Wars, back from hiatus.

visit the article discussed here


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(p.s. take a shot every time mongoose says “based” or some variation thereof.)


Little Wars Dispatch 1: Borzoi

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Borzoi of the Poz Button graciously accepted my offer for a traditional games related interview/discussion, I am posting it here as a standalone audio bit as it is rather lengthy.

Little Wars Christmas Open Letter

Merry Christmas,

Due to personal situations and other things, I will not be producing little wars until January. However, I did do a YouTube video on Pearl Harbor with some friends of mine here, if you absolutely need to hear me talk about stuff on air in the meantime. In the future I will also be appearing on with a buddy of mine, flamenco, so look out here, so keep an eye out for it.

There is also a secret project in the works, so I hope to come back next year with better and cooler stuff for you all.

Hobby wise, I know Jack anticipates playing games over December, and I am anticipating using my time to paint and work on additions to my 15mm Germans. I would like to have a post up of a gallery of miniatures, so if you would like to send us a picture, DM or @ me or Jack on twitter (@m_kikimora/@jackkaronet). I hope to be active on Twitter, so as always, please reach out we like to hear from you.

The ~10 of you who actually listen to our program have our gratitude and appreciation. I never figured I would ever make something people would actually anticipate, so at least for me, this entire thing has been very gratifying.


Take care, stay well, Merry Christmas, and God Bless,

On behalf of Little Wars and sincerely yours,

Mongoose Kikimora


P.S. Happy gaming and painting


Little Wars 13: Démission à Redditification

LW13 cover


Mongoose and Jack blackpill about the future of 40k and traditional games as a whole.

All while not realizing the situation in France, recorded on 12/1/2018.

Mongoose: @m_kikimora
Jack: @jackkaronet

Little Wars Episode 11: Neon Yahtzee

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Mongoose pretends to be Italian and butchers another European language. Jack did show prep on vampires and the 5th edition of everyone’s favorite hot topic simulator, World of Darkness. Kursk, vampires, and more await you this week in the episode we have had the most fun making!

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Little Wars Episode 10: Labyrinths and Lutherans




Jack can’t make it but SuperLutheran is finally on.  Also mongoose did in depth editing this time (he cut 45 seconds out of the middle of the episode)!  We talk about ultimate masters a little bit and do a lot of D&D and general RPG talk.

Also: double length episode.

Special thanks to Super Lutheran and the Godcast for this appearance!  Go to Church.


twitter: @Godcast_Myles

Mongoose: @m_kikimora

Jack: @JackKaronet