The Atticast, Episode 17 – Problem Attic

In this episode, host Sydney Senex pleads with PowderKeg to sell his fur coats, which sends him into a rage (he sells the coats anyway).  Rock shows his cat’s penis to Trigger, who died of typhus.  NatSock forged most of this episode, to incredible profit.


In The Attic: Host Syd Senex, Bradshaw, Finley, Rock, PowderKeg, Trigger, and special guest Bryden Proctor

Right to Bryden:

00:00:00: kinda butterfaced blonde who i still thought was hot and she didn’t have all the options in the world which meant she was actually tolerable
00:00:30: Introductions
00:02:49: Satanism, Of Course
00:18:40: The Unabomber Did Nothing Wrong
00:24:42: Me vs Pagans vs Muslims vs Elvis
00:27:37: Super Smash Pagan Bros.
00:29:42: Prince Albert in Her Can
00:34:02: Dreams of Oppressing You
00:37:12: I Have Something to Show You
00:38:22: Nigger Music
00:40:02: White Nigger Music
00:45:46: Default Reddit Laxative
00:48:02: I’m Gonna Give Ya a Big Hug
00:58:42: On the Taste, Smell, and Quantity of One’s Semen
01:01:03: A Preview of P.U.
01:02:14: [BREAK] Light Our Darkest Hour
01:03:16: 2019 Bloody Tax Period
01:09:45: On the Thots and their Lies
01:11:47: Twenty, Thirty Pounds Ago
01:14:52: Helluva Wet
01:17:00: #BlockRock~~2018~~2019
01:19:10: Reverse Tyler Perry
01:23:20: Dangerous Minds but with a Nigger
01:25:30: Only Retards Don’t Kill Themselves
01:30:00: The Most Dangerous Game
01:54:00: Existence Rips Away



One thought on “The Atticast, Episode 17 – Problem Attic”

  1. Wow great show as always guys. This episode really made me think about how the early choices in life can add up and send you down a dark path. The story of Luther falling to Chaos and his titanic battle with his former friend, Lion El’Jonson really brings this point to light. Keep up the good work guys. Really enjoying PST40K!


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