Atticast Episode 10 – Super Saiyan Werewolf niBBas

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Little Wars Episode 3: General Strategy

LW03 Cover



In this episode, Jack and Mongoose get big brained.  First they complain more about Wizards of the Coast, then the attempt to build a system neutral theory to wargame listbuilding, including all the high points on what you should bring.  Finally they round it out with some high quality shitposting about board terrain.

The Pozitive Feelings Button 63 – Office Space / Visioneers

This week on the Poz Button, Borzoi invites Hank and Hans of Myth of the 20th Century to examine if Office Space and Visioneers are psyops, the psychic terror of the office environment, and swap stories from the wasteland that is Woke Capital.
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