The Weeb Cast 66 Ghost In The Shell SAC

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Little Wars Episode 34: Halloween Revisionism

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Caution: NSFW

The boys discover weird disgusting stuff Jon unearthed, old adages, spooky things, and more bad impressions.  They also talk about RPGs too.

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NotFunny Episode 27 – Metal Gear Stupid: Twin Smiths

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This week Finley is our guide on a rundown of the movie Gemini Man! We also talk about black sitcoms, and read some emails. Oh and ♫Syyyyd haaas a giiirlfriieeeend!♫
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Moon Rune Cartoons! Episode 1 – Girls Last Tour


Hello folks! Welcome to the very first installment in what we hope to be a regular feature – Moon Rune Cartoons! -Brought to you by Jon, Korbo and JosephNotASlav. In this podcast we’ll be taking a more in depth look at various anime and doing some real big brained discussion and analysis – hopefully having fun in the process.

PSA: Fans of the weebcast need not worry, we’re not replacing them.


NotFunny Episode 26 – Competitive Advantage

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Lesbi-honest, we’re a little late. This week we talk about telling your barber to give you a retard haircut, steak houses, and Obama targets!
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NotFunny Episode 25 – Dolemite Makes Right

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Rock over London! Rock on Chicago! This week the boys talk about anime dating sims, what real men say, and crazy old black guys.
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