The Weeb Cast Update

The weebcast will be back in early 2020. a lot of stuff has happened when i was gone im sorry that it has taken so long. right now i need to fix my pc after that were good to go. in an attempt to make up for our absence we will post 2 episodes in a row. after that we will return to one episode every other week. thank you for your patience

Moon Rune Cartoons! Episode 5 – Healing Anime

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MRC Episode 5 Cover Art

Hello again, everyone! Been a while, huh? We’ve had a bit of  “structural reorganizing” to do here at Moon Rune Cartoons, and so this episode got held back quite a bit. Luckily, everything’s sorted out now, so we’ll be returning to a more active posting schedule. The topic of this episode is once again an entire genre of anime – healing anime (or iyashikei, if you prefer), featuring once again, special guest Myles Poland! We hope you enjoy the episode!

Be sure to check out The Godcast at: https://therightstuff.biz/category/all-shows/the-godcast-truth-justice-the-christian-way/ and if you like what you see, why not send him some mails at: TheGodcastTJC@gmail.com

Music used:

Intro: YuruCamp OST – “Let’s go camping”

Outro: 萌ジャズ Dreamer (BOSSA NOVA ver)


Little Wars Episode 41: Post Yoda Stress Disorder



Jon, Mongoose, and Jack ramble their way a variety of topics including discovering that Jon can’t operate Java based clients, pirated bits for product reviews, what the people mad in Bob Bledshaw have in common, Lanchester’s Square Law and the ubiquitous yoda bit.

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Dope Movies and Shows Episode 27 – Kings of the Walter Hill: Streets of Fire / The Warriors / Southern Comfort

ExAm co-host Walrus joins us to talk about the gritty and stereotype-laden adventure realism of Walter Hill.

RSS: https://anchor.fm/s/81159b0/podcast/rss

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Little Wars Episode 40: HP Lovecraft’s Madcat


Mongoose reminisces about Battletech stuff.  Then Jon, Jack and Mongoose talk about the recent cancelling of judges guild by disgusting amoral soy creatures. In other soy creature news we cover fate of cthulu and bugman filth profiting off of the racism they claim to despise.

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