NotFunny Episode 12 – Dirty Diapers Bitch (feat. Bryden Proctor)

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Little Wars Episode 27: The Quenchiest

LW 27 Cover

Jon, Mongoose, and Jack join up for our best episode yet.  Mongoose and Jack bore Jon to death with a discussion of Team Yankee and air units in war games.  They then revive Jon with discussion of Magic the Gathering card art.  Following a brief discussion of RPG gming techniques, we review MYFAROG, Varg’s own game. Continue reading “Little Wars Episode 27: The Quenchiest”

Little Wars Episode 26: The Almost Lost Episode

LW26 cover.png

In this nearly lost episode of Little Wars Jack and Mongoose talk about war games, miniature painting and the like for some time.  There was audio trouble, but thanks to our great audio guy you’d never guess it.

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